office de tourisme du Longuyonnais
office de tourisme du Longuyonnais
Office de Tourisme du Longuyonnais
Office de Tourisme du Longuyonnais

Arond in Meuse

Saint-Pierrevillers (11kms)



Fortified church Saint Rémy. Permanent exposure.





Marville (15km)


Renaissance houses (16th century). Church Saint Nicolas houses a lot of treasure :the pietà of lepers,the crown Virgin, an amazing organ of gothic style. Saint Hilaire cemetery considered as an historical monument with an ossuary which counts 40000 skulls and church Saint Hilaire (12th century) which is a museum thanks to different treasures there are inside.


Montmédy (25km)


The citadel of Montmédy is one of the stronghold which is fully preserved. A course has been created around the battlements, the main building has been transformed as a museum. The latter is dedicated to the painter Jules Bastien Lepage and a museum about the history of the fortifications since Roman time to Vauban.



Avioth (30km)




Gothic basilica (13th century).






Stenay (47km)

The museum of beer retraces the history of brewing arts and traditions, from its origins around 12.000 years ago to the present days, with an exhibition space of over 2500m².


Etain (30km)


Church Saint Martin, architectural gem...



Verdun (48km)


Memorial, ossuary of Douaumont, battlefields, trenches, the citadel,"la Princerie" museum of art and history, manufacture of dragees Braquier.



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