office de tourisme du Longuyonnais
office de tourisme du Longuyonnais
Office de Tourisme du Longuyonnais
Office de Tourisme du Longuyonnais



L'hôtel de Ville (city Hall)


Proud city Hall inaugurated in 1867 when the city counted only 2300 inhabitants. This is a typical building of the official architecture of the Second Empire.



Saint Agathe Church


Romanesque and gothic church is dedicated to Sainte Agathe, consecrated in 1287, housing statues of the 14th and the 16th century. To visit it , take an appointment at the Tourist Office at least 24hours before .

The Totem


From 1953 to 1967, Longuyon welcomed Canadian troops of NATO. When they left Longuyon, they let behind them “ La Résidence Canadienne” ( Canadian residence) and that unusual totem , unique in France.

Church Saint Jean Baptiste de la Salle


Religious building in the late 19th century, the chapel of the monks has been consecrated Church Saint Jean Baptiste de la Salle.

The grotto of the Virgin


Grotto dedicated to our Lady of Lourdes who has been raised by the high students of monks'college.


German military cemetery


In line of street Mazelle, 1743 German soldiers who were killed during the Great War ( 14-18) are buried in that cemetery.



Sisters' calvary


Near the old cemetery, it was erected in1900.

It consists of 3 statues cast : Christ on the cross, Virgin of seven pains and Saint John.


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