office de tourisme du Longuyonnais
office de tourisme du Longuyonnais
Office de Tourisme du Longuyonnais
Office de Tourisme du Longuyonnais

Things to do

Profonde Fontaine

Not far away the town, along a forest, the pond of Profonde Fontaine is a recreational area with varieties of terrestrial animals and birds. You can find a playground, a fishing school and leaving trails.

Parcours de santé (fitness trail)


The fitness train is located at the outlet of Longuyon , in the direction of Pierrepont.





Mini golf 

Managed by the inhabitants of « the Residence D'Automne », the mini golf is located in the Latronce park.                        0033 (0) 8 26 55 14



Marked hiking trail


The local organization « Le Club Vosgien » invites tourists to join them during their walk. Tourists can find a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

President: Mr Raoult phone : 03 82 89 63 92


Hikers from the « Pays Haut » also invites tourists to join them .

President: Mr Quintin phone : 03 29 88 00 32


You can find itinerary and plans of all the marked hiking trail in the Tourist Office of Longuyon.


Bike tour

 Bike tour, throughout the year, marked 11,5 km (7,1 miles), starting in front of Tourist Office.



Fishing in the river:

La Truite Longuyonnaise. Tél :

Le Brochet de l’Othain. Phone.03.82266003 Saint jean les Longuyon


Fishing in a pond:

In Boismont phone (0)382897159

In Epiez sur Chiers phone (0)382266669

In Longuyon phone (0) 382262142

In Saint- Pancré phone (0)382267867



There is lot of organizations in Longuyon . The listing of the latter's name is available in the Tourist Office and in the City Hall.

Fitting out

A swimming pool, three gyms, tennis courts, two football fields, the Forum (theater), multipurpose room Brassens, house where older people gather and a recreation center in Saint Jean les Longuyon.

Horse riding

   6 Km : Ecuries du Railly  à Constantine

               55230 Rouvrois    sur Othain

               contact : 06 32 56 24 78


12 Km : Centre équestre de Marville

               Plan d'eau de la valléee de l'Othain 55600 Marville

               contact : 03 29 88 13 47



Office de Tourisme du Longuyonnais

Place Salvador Allende

54260 Longuyon




Vous pouvez aussi nous joindre par notre formulaire de contact.



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